Engelberg - A picturesque Town

Engelberg – A picturesque Town

Engelberg is a small alpine town in central Switzerland. You can surely consider Engelberg as a virtual heaven on earth when it comes to scenic beauty. The falling snow on those hills, you under an umbrella with your better half and it starts feeling like a dream come true.

Engelberg is accessible by a 45 minute train ride from Lucerne and for every route onwards to Switzerland you will have to get to Lucerne first. This was important information we missed while booking here.

Train Station at Engelberg
Engelberg City station

To capture the scenic beauty of this romantic place we created a video of some beautiful moments. Don’t forget to like and subscribe.

Engelberg is quite famous for Mt. Titlis and Ski runs zigzag making it a perfect spot for skiers form across the world. Mount Titlis is around 10,600 ft above sea level and is accessible by cable cars of the Titlis Bergahnen. The cable car base station is also central terminus of the village bus services.

Remember to check the weather when you plan to visit since the Mt. Titlis as it is amazing on a sunny day but visibility can get difficult to visit on a rainy or snowy day. Engelberg does get a lot of snow.

Things to check while planning your tour atop Mt. Titlis

  • Proper clothing – Gloves, shoes, a woolen jacket and cap
  • Camphor pills – These can be immensely helpful since steep ascends take to make one nauseous. One whiff and the feeling goes away.
  • Additional clothes – take additional jacket if you are travelling with toddler as steep ascend/descend might make them puke. Backup is important.
  • Phone battery – most important. You don’t want to miss taking pictures. Wi-fi in Titlis is free so a video call sitting on the snow could be fun

Things to do at Mt. Titlis –

  • Famous IceFlyer
  • The Titlis Cliff Walk
  • The Glacier Caves
  • Playing in Snow

And yes, lastly, you will be meeting Sharukh Khan and Kajol posing for a selfie with you up topJ. Do click one and share with us.

Another wonderful tour and could be great for kids is the Cheese Factory in Engelberg. I was actually hoping to see a huge factory but it was actually quite small and gave a perfect view of how cheese is made. We did get a chance to sample few and they were quite delicious.

Next up is the Engelberg Church, as simple as it sounds the church was amazing and our video manages to capture amazing architecture inside.

Lastly, Engelberg is such a picturesque town that you will simply enjoy a walk around town. It gives you a feel of an old times away from those honks and horns, a calm a peaceful live.



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10 thoughts on “Engelberg – A picturesque Town

  1. Sounds like a wonder trip and looks like you had a great time. Will definitely keep in on our bucket list of places to visit. Love all your tips. Planning accordingly is always important.

  2. I’ve always wanted to go to Switzerland. I’ll definitely try to visit here coz it looks so beautiful.


  3. A selfie with SRK and Kajol? Seems like a goodwill gesture from the Swiss govt in return of how their movies depicted Switzerland’s picturesque beauty! 🙂

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