Activity book ideas for children less than 8

Activity book ideas for children

Activity book ideas

You hand over your child a piece of paper and colors and ask him to draw something. There will be some blessed children who could create wonders and then there are children like my son who would just give a blank stare. Mostly for all children an activity book packed with doodling prompts, stickers, puzzles, hidden pictures, coloring pages or ideas for art projects can keep brains and hands blissfully busy. This post includes few activity book ideas, activity books for children and baby learning books

It is obviously unfortunate that we are stuck at home waiting for things to get normal. With increased screen time and not much physical activity within four walls, it is important for children to get involved in activities that could keep them occupied.

In a small session with mothers on Facebook, most mothers found activity books to be best way to engage children. A healthy supply of activity books is vital to the harmonious running a family. They’re relatively cheap, require no electricity and buy everyone a little head space, even if they’re of the mindless fun rather than creativity – or intelligence-building kind.

Why indulge in activity books?

By encouraging children to read with fun activity books you’ll be helping them develop good reading habits and superior concentration skills. Using educational activity books for hands-on learning has been shown to help in the development of language and reading.  Kid’s activity books help children develop their reading ability by participating in a range of literacy and critical thinking activities. Their comprehension skills naturally improve as they puzzle out the different steps to complete an activity.

What’s more, your direct involvement in reading and hands-on activities will benefit both you and your kids. While activity books for kids won’t make the rain go away, they will offer essential exercise for a child’s most important organ: the brain. So turn off the screen and open a book, and though the weather may continue to storm outside, the atmosphere will be much sunnier inside!

activity books for children

Activity book ideas for children

GIKSO Maths Activity Book

Gisko Maths Acitivity book includes all the activities related to mathematics such as match the following, count and match, colouring, odd one out, counting, tracing, maze, sequence, drawing, sums, before after between, missing numbers, even odd numbers, time, colour coding, greater and smaller number, shapes, word search, subtraction, skip the number, patterns and much more.

Activity book ideas

Find the difference

Activity book ideas

Brain Boosting Activity Book

English Activity

A child’s brain is a fast learner, always knowledge from his immediate surroundings. When a child is engaged in an activity that is brain-stimulating and fun at the same time, it results in an overall cognitive and psychological development.

The book has 365 activities to develop Basic English skills which include grammar and vocabulary. With word puzzles, word search games, jumbled alphabets and more, the book can help in developing the child’s basics as well as motor skills by providing an entertaining mode of learning. The puzzles and challenges can keep the child busy for hours and hence build focus.

Activity book ideas
activity books for children

Hindi Practice Activity books

This Hindi writing book is helpful for the young learners to control their hand movements and form correct letters in a neat and legible hand writing.

Activity book ideas
activity books for children

Nurture Activity Books for Kids

Activity book ideas
activity books for children

Word Search Activity Book

These word search books introduce young learners to basic words relating to common themes like animals, birds, colors, shapes and many more. Filled with exciting word search puzzles in large grids and complimented by bright illustrations, The book will help children in building a robust vocabulary and enhance their comprehension.

It is okay to not know but it is not okay to not try.

Here are 20 stay at home activities for children

activity books for children

Genius Kids Worksheets (Bundle)

One of my friend recommended me to pick Genius Kids Worksheets for my son for summer since it is a set international standard workbooks created by a team of experienced academics, world class researchers and expert worksheet designers at flipClass. It covers major portions of CBSE, ICSE and all state boards. The worksheets help parents and teachers to explain key concepts with absolute ease.

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activity book ideas

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Activity book ideas for children less than 8
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34 thoughts on “Activity book ideas for children less than 8

  1. I totally agree with you that we should introduce our children to activity books to develop good reading habits and sharpen their concentration. My son is 2 years old and we were thinking of buying him something other than toys for his birthday this year. Perhaps an activity book is something that we can start with to introduce him to reading and learning.

  2. The Find the Difference books are wonderful, and would be so much fun for my little niece! Bookmarking this for later.

  3. I remember my kids when they were little, coloring books were their thing. Gotta keep their mind active.

  4. I picked up several activity books several months ago when I started to suspect things were going to take an ugly turn with this virus. We’ve got a collection of both educational and fun books to help keep the boys entertained while I try to get a little bit of work done.

  5. Great list! I’m always looking for somewhat educational activities for my kids. My 4 year olds seem to love workbooks, any kind, my 7 year old is harder to please!

  6. I completely agree. During this time it can be easy enough to just let kids watch TV and while that is fine, at the same time it is important to keep their brain active. Activity books are a great way of promoting this.

  7. What a fab idea. Many kids have lost out on learning due to the pandemic so this is a great way for them to learn while having fun in the safety of their home x

  8. These books would be great to have for a “refresher” read before kids start school again. My grandson is taking a two week refresher course (virtual learning) before he starts school again in late July (only online/virtual classroom type of teaching). I will get him these books. Thanks for letting me know.

  9. These activity book ideas sound wonderful for kids. It could be a wonderful Thanksgiving Gift for my 8 years old niece this year.

  10. looks great! I think activity books are awesome for kids and parents both. kids enjoy it and it’s fun and parents don’t have to think anything up

  11. These are some great books , but a little on the expensive side. Nevertherless they would make an great ensemble to a child’s learning library!

  12. My baby is turning 1 this week. He may be too little for those activity books 🙂 But, as I am not familiar with those, I find the information valuable for my mini-me. I will share it with my mama friends, though. Thank you

  13. Oh Wow! You are a godsend! I was actually looking for activity books for my 6yr and I just don’t know where to start. Thank you so much for these suggestion. They will become very handy in the next coming month.

  14. This is a great list! It’s very helpful now that all schools are closed due to the pandemic. I’ll buy some for my little sister.

  15. Activity books are a great way to keep young minds engaged while they’re not in school for the summer. I have a lot of memories of doing activity books or educational games during my summers.

  16. These are perfect for my nephews who both started school within the last couple of years. I’ll have to let their parents know about these, thanks.

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