Fun stay at home kid activities – 20 fun activities for kids

Stay at home kid activities

In extreme temperatures and situation around us with respect to the pandemic, it’s not possible to go out and enjoy the fresh air and tire out highly energetic children. There are lot of reasons we may find ourselves stuck inside, not able to get out and play. If you are stuck inside then keeping children busy and entertained is a huge task in itself. It is the perfect time to enjoy fun activities with family. Here are 20 fun stay at home kid activities which will definitely strike a chord with children worldwide. Engage in these fun activities for kids.


Children love to involve themselves in household work especially if you make it a lot of fun. Based on how old  your child is, you could probably look at creating some snacks together. I have a 5 year old boy and he simply loves to put together a sandwich for himself when he is hungry. This is stay at home kid activities plus you have another hand at your disposal.


Baking is a great way to spend family time and is one of the fun activities for kids. Baking a pie or a  simple cake doesn’t need much effort. Probably you can bake a cake and let your children decorate it.

Organizing or decorating rooms

I haven’t seen a house where there is no scope of improvement. It is time to design your rooms with your kids and may be create wonderful interiors using available stuff. You can probably plan to reorganize cupboards or drawers to make your life easier.  I have been in isolation for a week now and have cleaned and organized all wardrobes. During this exercise you can segregate waste as well. This might not be too much fun but you could ask your little ones to help you. I am sure they will figure out a way to make it a fun activity.

Creativity is contagious pass it on – Albert Einstein

Check DIY easy craft activities for young child

Turn Artistic

It is time to bring out the artist in you. Just sit and start drawing anything. This is a no brainer and one of the fun activities for kids and parents especially when done together. Colors not only enhance creativity but also add positivity in life. Most kids love to draw. May be you can look at creating puzzles or an Agamograph.

Quiz time

Quiz time is always fun. May be you could play a song quiz and movie quiz especially on Google Home and Alexa. To enhance knowledge of your children, you could play a GK quiz. It is always a good way to teach children. Google home makes it more fun since you can play with people around the world.
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Learning Music

Music is a great way to communicate and express. You may notice creative people can express their emotions quite well. Now is the time to learn something new. May be your little one can learn some new tunes or a new instrument. Learning something new is always fun. This is a great stay at home kids activities

Stone painting

Stone painting is a lot of fun and when a complete family is involved they can enjoy painting stones together. Another stay at home kids activities that would enhances creativity and can keep your child busy for atleast an hour.
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It is always fun to create your own scrapbook. Create a lovely DIY scrapbook. Think together and prepare a lovely design. Filling your scrapbook with what you think will happen next. This will become a lovely memory later.
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Family tree

Make your family tree and enjoy recollecting lovely pictures. Share memories with your children. Who knows you are able to relive memories.
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Board games

Board games are a great way for families to connect. A simple game like snakes and ladder could be a great timepass and fun. It allows you to bond with your children and spend quality time with them.
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Play Dough

It is time to unleash the creative monster within you. Make your own dough and play with it. It is simple recipe and you can enjoy for hours. # fun stay at home kid activities

DIY activities

I am sure most of you have tons of toilet paper rolls and if you missed out on those than let me tell you, you will have your chance to get them. There are done of DIY activities you could work out at home using those toilet paper rolls. There are tons of CIY activities you could do sitting at home.
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–          Make paper bracelets

–          Use old jars to decorate the house

–          Make paper puppets

–          Make tattoos

–          Make frogs

–          Use old plastic bottles

DIY bookmarks

Collate some craft items together and give your kids a chance to use their own creativity and make some lovely bookmarks for you.
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Read is a great way for kids and adults to learn and expand their thoughts. I am sure some us might love reading. This is the time when you could read together as a family. May be do an online reading challenge within the community. One in the community can volunteer and other participate.
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Create a collage

This is a great way to collate your favourite pictures and create collages. You can choose to do it online or can do it physically. Doing it with family is always fun. It is always better to involve children in such activities. This is a great way to enjoy family time together.
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Bubbles time

Most children love bubbles and this is a great way to spend time. Children can spend time playing bubbles. You don’t need much just a little soapy water and you are all set. Let them enjoy at one part of the house.
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I am not good at art but I have tried creating a flip book and it is a great to spend time. It takes a lot of time for people who are making it for the first time but it is a lot of fun. Your children can also enjoy creating one and playing endlessly with it.
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It is important to allocate some time daily to study as well. Home schooling has picked up in past few years and it is important for children to start focusing on self-study and appreciate knowledge. Most children are used to spoon feeding and this becomes a huge problem later in college. Incorporating self-study at the beginning is very important and this is a great time for children to stay at home and appreciate the benefits of how much they are learning.

I am sure most of you are following this but you could prepare worksheets for children and let them spend time finishing it. Added bonus, you get some me time

Cleaning mess

I haven’t encountered a single household that doesn’t have a messy area especially after staying at home for so long. May be this is the time when you can clear mess at home. Personally, I follow minimalist approach and try to get rid of things that are not used for 6 months or more. This approaches not only saves money but also helps me clear the mess.


This is great to explore stitching. For some children, this could be a great activity. You could pull out an old piece of cloth and teach your child basic stitching. Since this would be a new activity, it would keep them engaged.

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Stay at home kid activities
Fun activities for kids

Living in isolation is difficult but would bring you closer to your family. Distribute duties among family members and enjoy this time together. There is lot of uncertainty in the air but we need to stay positive and also productive. For more ideas on how to stay calm and productive,  click here.

There are thousands of way to engage your children and enjoy family time together. Please feel free to share your thoughts in comment section below.

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Fun stay at home kid activities – 20 fun activities for kids
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28 thoughts on “Fun stay at home kid activities – 20 fun activities for kids

  1. DIY activities are good for children, If you run out of ideas you can always watch youtube for new DIY activities that you can do with your kids. If you have a tablet, coloring apps are fun to do.

  2. I commend you for finding time to post as you manage the kids who are home full time now. These are great tips and hopefully kids will give parents a break too.

  3. This is so helpful! I’ve been looking for ways to keep my 4 year old more active and entertained while at home.

  4. Hi, I love these ideas. I think they would work with my teenager as well. With the outdoor time limited, even he would want to take part.

  5. Social distancing and national confinement require that we all use our precious time at home wisely! With kids, having fun while learning is vital.

  6. As a kid, I loved painting, so stone painting is something that I can relate too. I am sure that kids will love these activities. As we are in lockdown, I might as well paint some stones now.

  7. My most favorite is organizing rooms and decorating! It is refreshing to see clean rooms that smell fresh rather than soil food (my little sister brings food in her room and forgot about it).

  8. We’ve been doing quite a few of these at my house lately. My son (almost 7) keeps telling me he wants to scrapbook. I come from a family of scrapbookers, so we will be working on some together soon.

  9. My two older daughters are so different when it comes to staying home. My oldest would sleep all day and just watch tv if I’d let her. The next one will find any and ll art projects she can to start creating.

  10. These are real good activities which would not only help them but will keep them busy during this hard time.

  11. These are very nice tips. One thing is for sure though, this period will bring out the creative side of people.

  12. Lot’s of choices of activity for kids while stay at home. I teach my little nephew and my niece about house chores and organize their stuffs to make them productive during house quarantine 🙂

  13. Our kids need all the support these days. Thanks for sharing those fun activities. I will share this post with my sister for my niece.

  14. These definitely aren’t just for kids! Since spending more time at home I’ve found myself making bread – something I’ve not done for years and that prompted my husband to ask if I was ‘a lizard person’ as it’s so out of character!

  15. Stone painting sounds interesting and I love board games, virus or no virus lol. These will definitely keep kidsentertained and tired every day lol.

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