10 Easy and entertaining Christmas activities for children

As soon as families get together for Thanksgiving, most of us are set with plans for Christmas. Christmas, just like any other festival, is a great time to bond. It allows families to create wonderful memories for lifetime. While every year we get to meet people, bond with neighbors and get together, this year is obviously going to different. The year is about to end and we still have a life threatening pandemic dancing on our heads. I believe this year most of us will be looking to indulge our little ones at home.

This piece covers amazing Christmas activities for children that would keep them away from mobile phones and would allow children to learn life lessons. These ideas can also be used for general kid holiday activities.

Gift your Love

The spirit of Christmas is all about gift-giving, family bonding and other social gatherings, symbolic decoration, feasting etc. Christmas activities for children is a very important part of the bonding process.

For children, Christmas is all about receiving gifts. My son is always excited about receiving one of his favorite toys. Through Christmas activities for children, we all have plans to gift our little ones. It is important to incorporate the spirit of sharing and caring.

I usually encourage donating old toys which are in good condition, especially during the end of the year. This not only helps me de-clutter but also incorporates spirit of sharing in my son.

Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment

MaryAnn F.Kohl

Waste Material Craft

Christmas cards 

This is one of the most popular Christmas activities for children. Some of us lucky to stay near our family members a few miles apart. It is time to prepare a special greeting for them. A handmade card by your little one will be a lovely gesture, a lovely kid holiday activity.

My son is always excited to make a special card for family members. This is not only a great way to show your love but also keeps them busy for hours. Not to mention the creative minds they put to use.

Decorating a wall with Paper Snow Flakes

This is a great Christmas activity for children. For this DIY activity you would need to some white papers, scissors and some folds. I am sure your little one would need some assistance in cutting and folding. Cut out some paper snowflakes and decorate a wall of your home by pasting or hanging them. A very creative Christmas activities for children

Party under a Tree

If you have a tree near your house, you can plan a party under that tree. Decorate it with the help of your children. Make arrangements for music, snacks and beverages or whatever you like. Let your children be creative when it comes to decoration. It is always fun for children to decorate stuff.

Theme dress for Christmas

Getting dressed for an occasion makes it more special. You can plan a theme for Christmas and whole family could be dressed based on the theme. The theme could be simple or slightly complicated based on the time you have. I often choose a simple theme since I am bit lazy J

A to Z Hunt

This is  great fun for little children. In this game your children will be collecting items in your house and neighborhood. Children collect one item starting with each alphabet and show it to you after finishing and obviously the winner has to be rewarded.

Obviously with more children playing together, this could be more fun.

Decorating the house

When we say “Christmas”, children are all excited about Christmas tree. Children love to decorate the house and enjoy every moment doing it. Decorating your own Christmas tree is fun and your little ones would love doing it. You can simply use DIY techniques to create simple decorative items for your Christmas tree. 

You could let your children be creative and use their imagination to decorate the house in the way they like.

Letter to Santa

I simply love this activity. Every year my mother used to ask me to write a letter to Santa. I used to look forward to it since one of my wishes used to come true.

Infact may be this is the time for you to list down what you want from Santa. May be you can start fulfilling your wishes.

Don’t forget to ask your children to say Thanks to Santa for lovely gifts.

Collaborating with neighbors

Most of us don’t like our neighbors!! You may find them boring or too interfering but it is always good that they are around. It is time to celebrate this festive season with neighbors. You and your children could bake cookies and prepare gifts for people around you.

COVID friendly Christmas

This year has been challenging for most of us and Christmas brings new hope. It is time to cheer and enjoy this festive season. We just need to follow basic rules of social distancing, wearing a mask and sanitizing our hands when required. Few other things that can be added to checklist

Preparing handmade Christmas greetings to friends and family.

Singing Christmas carols along with your neighbors

Sharing old Christmas memories with family. May be revisiting old photos.

Few more indoor activities that children would enjoy this Christmas

With Christmas comes holidays and this is the best time for your children to be creative. Here are few Christmas activities for children that your little one can enjoy at home.

When we are young, painting and coloring is like part of our life. Almost all children love coloring. Push your children to use their magic brush and paint a lovely Christmas tree. One of my friends encourages her son to use thumb painting technique and make a Christmas tree.

For toddlers, this is one of the best Christmas activities for children, matching shapes. Keeping the festive season in mind you could create shapes and allow your children to match them. May be you could hang these on Christmas trees as well.

Drawing Santa or becoming one could be fun for your little one. Remember to laugh loud like Santa.

Balloon volleyball is another game that can be played indoors. Children enjoy playing with balloons and it doesn’t need much effort. It is a great exercise for children.

2020 has been the year of mistakes and disasters. Most economies and businesses have suffered tremendous losses and despite that we have hope in our hearts things would get normal someday. We humans are strong and have capability to fight anything when it comes to survival. Doctors and researchers around the world are working hard to find us a cure to the pandemic. While we have accepted the new normal, it is important to not let our guard down and always follow guidelines. Wearing is mask is not only our responsibility but our duty towards saving humanity. We are in this together and have to fight this together.

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Christmas activities for children
10 Easy and entertaining Christmas activities for children
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16 thoughts on “10 Easy and entertaining Christmas activities for children

  1. Thank you for the ideas! I think I would go for the ” Decorating a wall with Paper Snow Flakes” for my nephews and niece for their holiday activities.

  2. This is such a great list of indoor activities for Christmas. I am so looking forward to this weekend we are finally getting our tree and will be able to decorate it and the house.

  3. Thank you for sharing these activities, Pooja, we need all the resources and activities to make this Holiday normal for our kids.

  4. Growing up, I always looked forward to decorating the house. It was so much fun pulling out all the decorations and helping to transform our normal home into a holiday wonderland. Especially decorating the tree with all it’s bright coloured lights. Honestly, it was one of my favourite parts of the holidays and it’s still a favourite now 🙂

  5. We have done some and I super like the idea of the A-Z Hunt. But that would be a lot of work for me. hahaha The kids are so excited for Christmas!

  6. These are some awesome activities for this Christmas. It’s so important to make sure that Christmas spirit shouldn’t be affected due to pandemic but it’s definitely important to take all the precautions.

  7. These are great activities! I love the idea of doing an A to Z hunt. This is the first time we’re going to do this and I think it will be fun. Thank you for sharing this.

    I guess it’s just time to be creative since Christmas is quite different this year.

  8. A wonderful post and great ideas for Christmas celebrations. Covid should not take away the fun from Christmas and New Year festivities.

  9. Good, fun activities for the kiddies to enjoy indoors this holiday. Adults aren’t exempt from this too as we need something fun to take our mind off the craziness of this year.

  10. I love these so much! You actually just gave me a huge flashback, as I completely forgot that I used to give out Christmas cards as a kid too. I’m pretty sure I was one of the only people who did that, but I still loved it, as I loved receiving them. I knew the cards were the most important things, and to always read them first. I still have emotional battles getting rid of cards now, but when you get older, they take up a lot of room so I keep the important ones. And I still declutter around Christmas time to this day! It’s a good practice as you always receive an influx of stuff around this time of year.

  11. Yes! Great minds think alike! I share a coloring page each month on my blog and this month I did a holiday card to print and color. Would be a great family Christmas activity!

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