10 awesome summer crafts for preschoolers and children

Summer crafts for Preschoolers

Yes, summer holidays are back and so is the time when you need to indulge your children into activities. Many parents have already enrolled their school going children to various summer camps being offered by schools and play schools across the cities. With lot of activities at summer camps children are busy and learn but for our little Preschoolers, we would need activities that could keep them engaged and help them learn new stuff. So here are few summer crafts for Preschoolers that could keep them busy. These summer crafts could be fun for young ones who are at home with their mommies.

I have heard from lot of parents with more than one child that it gets difficult to take care of them since both have different needs but indulging in some creative activities could keep all of them busy. There are few where crafts could be a little messy but children are messy, best to get over it. Let them enjoy this time.

Growth is often uncomfortable, messy and full of feelings you weren’t expecting but it is necessary to experience this part of growth for both children and parents.

Summer holidays – Revision and homework time

Summer holiday are best time for a child to play and learn. It is a time for your child to revise and clear all basics taught in either play school or classrooms. I have collated 15+ activities for STHM (stay at home mom) to engage your child and enjoy with them. These activities enhance their creativity and at the same time engage them from a learning standpoint. Crafting activities not only provides immediate and lasting cognitive benefits but also creates a unique bonding experience, which creates lifelong memories.

You might feel that you have never been into art and craft or it has been ages but below activities easy and simple to create and replicate.

Summer crafts for Preschoolers

Learn shapes and cut them

Take few colorful A4 sheets and draw shapes on it. Allow your child to cut them while you teach them. Remember to keep learning scissors handy which are safe to use. This activity is perfect for Preschoolers and toddlers.
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Ice-cream popsicles and flags

This is a simple activity. You would need icecream sticks for this activity (available at any stationary shops). Draw, cut and color with your child. Let them prepare their sticks.

Coloring books – Summer crafts for Preschoolers

For mothers who doesn’t want to or are not able to devote much time, just get coloring books and allow them to use their imagination. Do not expect them to color properly… allow them to get messy. Over time they will get amazing at this and you will be shocked how well they can color after simply a few attempts.
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Cutting and Sticking papers

This is a messy but fun activity for kids. Just get a learning scissors and allow your child to cut the newspapers into bits and pieces. The let them paste on another. This simple activity could keep them engaged for at least 30 minutes and they learn a lot.


Legos are loved by every child. Just get them some and they could spend time creating wonderful shapes with it. Expect them to loose few pieces now and then. Get them delivered at your doorstep through Amazon. They might be a little expensive but worth it, click here to buy them now

Play rhymes and let them dance – Rhymes are evergreen and fun for children. Just play some rhymes and allow them to dance for you.

My house isn’t messy, it is designed by 3 year old.

From a mother to a mother.
Planting flower pots

It is amazing to see how plants grow and for children planting and gardening is an amazing activity. Let them water plants and take part in the growth process. This makes them learn and appreciate the value of plant life.

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Boats and Aeroplanes – Easy crafting pieces. Make boats and Aeroplane and let them play with them.

Summer crafts for Preschoolers

Paint the rocks

Pick up few rocks and let them paint those. Remember to collect rocks that do not have edges and not too small. This activity could be dangerous for some kids so will need extra supervision.
Summer crafts for Preschoolers


Buy some story books and read for them. This is one of the best activities for children. This enhances vocabulary and you would notice that they are able to learn and read on their own. It will also develop their storytelling skills

More for Parents

A, B, C……Draw Draw ABC…..till Z and let them cut and color.

Revision time

Get books for your children to write and learn. Simple books like all-in-one could allow them to learn and clear their basics. As parents we tend to push them to learn new things but basics are important. Going back to nursery is always fun and they feel more confident. This activity is majorly for children above 4

Summer crafts for Preschoolers

Sandwich making

Prepare all things you want to make a sandwich and let them bring it together. My son loves to see me cook and is always enthusiastic about cooking so I personally love this activity. Additional bonus is that he finishes the sandwich he makes with me.

Summer crafts for Preschoolers

Parenting is an art and few tips could make it better. Read the 4 A’s of Parenting

Fruit Salad

Prepare a fruits salad with your children. This is great fun and they would love to finish the fruit salad they make. Remember to be careful with knifes around your child.

summer crafts for Preschoolers

Exercise time for mommies

Early morning are great for mommies to exercise. You can involve your child and play with them in the morning. Anything and everything can be made fun. Remember to bring out that child within you and you will be able to enjoy with them.

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My son loves them and not every child has patience to sit and finish. Most kids start but leave them in between. Solving puzzles is a great fun for few children. When you invest in puzzles, invest based on how long your child would enjoy it.

Summer crafts for Preschoolers

Colored water balloons with two letter words

Get water balloons and write two letters words on it. Play pin the balloons with the word. Shout a word and let them pin the correct word.

Crafts with fun dough – summer crafts for Preschoolers

I love playing with dough/clay and obviously, I am one of those that don’t like mixing two colors but then it is not for me, it was my little monkey. Get a pack and let them play. Get them delivered at your door step here.

Summer crafts for Preschoolers

With innovative people around we have new starts focusing on activities for children. Just search on Google and you would come across startups providing worksheets for children. They might seem expensive but are totally worth it.

Summer crafts for Preschoolers

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10 awesome summer crafts for preschoolers and children
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63 thoughts on “10 awesome summer crafts for preschoolers and children

  1. My toddler loves planting fruit bearing trees..He would check on it every morning to see if it has grown.I love that it is teaching him to be patient and to develop a love for Mother Nature.

  2. These craft ideas are really cool! I have been spent so much time with my niece last week to do some artwork. It really made her so happy and I think this one would too!

  3. Oh! This is brilliant and this is not just for summer. We would love to do this all year long. My girls are interested in crafting and we see to it that we have 2-3 weekends per month where we just stay at home and have fun together.

    Keeping this for future reference.

  4. It’s so much required to keep the kids engaged in constructive activities during the summer holidays. It’s so hot outside, I do not even want them to spend their time outdoors. These are some great art and craft activities that could be happily done indoors. Loved the ideas. Thanks.

  5. There are so many fab ideas. I love the idea of getting crafty in the kitchen and creating fruit salad and sandwiches together xx

  6. Yay for the flower pots and rock painting. These are one of my favorite things to do. Since I don’t have any kids I like to turn into a kid and do this all by myself. Haha

  7. These are all fun suggestions for kids’ activities. I no longer have little children anymore, but I sure have grandchildren who will enjoy these activities!

  8. I love doing crafts with my toddler. We recently bought a bunch of new supplies and made an art cabinet in the kitchen. We try to do a project every day.

  9. I love all these ideas! My girl will start pre-school in August but she’s so impatient (she’s the youngest of the bunch) to go to “school” like her siblings. I will definitely use some of your ideas to keep her busy and make her feel like a “big girl” !!

  10. All of these are great crafts. I will have to keep these in mind for the library this summer working with the storytimes. I know the kids would love it.

  11. Thanks for the wonderful tips. Here in Japan, we have school until the end of July (Japanese school calendar is year-long with summer vacation being one month). I have to try some of these ideas in the classroom!

  12. There are so many summer school activities for preschoolers which makes your child more active and confident so every parent should encourage them to participate.

  13. My lil cousin enjoys playing with legos! Will check out the link as my aunt is looking to buy a new set. Some pieces are lost on the current one! 😀

  14. Those are all lovely ideas for kids. I can’t believe summer is upon us. Where did time go?

  15. These activities should keep the kiddies engaged and learning during summer break. Learning is a continuous process for us all.

  16. My kids love to do crafts and these are great ideas. I really need to bookmark these for summer time. Thanks for sharing!

  17. So many things to do during vacation. I have probably missed out lots of these during my childhood. Revision is something kids avoid it and even parents miss out during holidays. Rest of the things are indeed fun to do list and learning too.

  18. These are so easy and doable ideas. I’ll be picking up a few things from these for my kids based on what they want to on that particular day. Thanks for sharing these.

  19. These are great ideas! My boys are always looking for things to do when they aren’t in school. I’ll have to save this list for ideas when they tell me they are bored!

  20. It is really lovely to get the kids to do things as they can easily get carried away with so many gadgets nowadays. My kids had to do things and sthey are now very good. They (12 & 14 yo) do cook, help with house chores and so on. It is good to start at preschool with activities ( age related of course) it helps hugely with develeopment in ass sort of areas. Great article!

    1. Thanks Ramona! May be you cold engage them with gardening activities. It is always fun to learn and see something grow. Giving life to something new and fresh. I dont have much experience with teens

  21. We planted flower pots and painted rocks last weekend. It was so much fun. There are so many great ideas on your list. Thank you! I think we will make popsicle stick flags next!

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