Coloring pages for kids – Easy summer activities

Coloring pages for food

Summer is all about bright sun and soothing colors. While there are tons of summer activities that can help you engage your little one, coloring is by far the best activity for preschoolers and growing toddlers. Here is a simple and easy coloring ebook with beautiful coloring pages for kids

Download coloring pages eBook here for your little one.

Description – The free ebook contains 10 easy coloring pages for kids. You simply need to download the PDF file, save it and take a printout of the file (A4 prefered).

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Coloring pages for kids
Coloring pages

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Looking for paperback option. You could simply order it from Amazon. The book has 45 pages to color, Order complete “Color your Snacks” book from Amazon Today

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coloring pages for kids

Coloring pages for kids – Easy summer activities
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32 thoughts on “Coloring pages for kids – Easy summer activities

  1. Coloring page are one of my favorite pastime hobbies. I’m going to get my daughter these for when she’s older and to develop her creativity!

  2. Thanks for the coloring book. I downloaded it and it was fun for the kids

  3. coloring pages are my favorite when it comes to entertaining my younger niece. I like adult versions for myself as well. You offer lovely pages, I am sure it’s fun to color

  4. Thank you for this so much! I teach preschool kids and this is super important for my classroom. Coloring skills are so important!

  5. I love the summer-themed coloring pages and thank you for sharing these with us! I’m excited to have my nephews get started with coloring – I’ve been teaching them how to draw recently.

  6. This looks nice, I like coloring pages. I used to do them for hours passing times when I get bored haha.

  7. I don’t have a children yet, but my husband and I LOVE to color on some weekends! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. We haven’t done any colouring in pages for ages. My son will have plenty to do over the summer now.

  9. Wow Fantastic ebook. I just downloaded it for my little girl. She is going to enjoy coloring it.

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