Diwali activities for preschool and kids at home – Colossalumbrella

Diwali activities for preschool and kids at home – Colossalumbrella

With festive season round the corner, your pre-schooler is looking forward to this small holiday break from school. He or she is excited about a lot of things including waking up late and more TV time. With this excitement comes a concern on your face as to how to involve him/her into constructive activities. None of us would like our kids spending too much time with gadgets so I decided to plan some Diwali activities that could help me in decorating the house and keep my little one busy along with me. These Diwali activities for preschool could keep your child keep busy and introduce meaningful lessons of life along with fun.

Growing up, I always celebrated Diwali with firecrackers and sweets but with increased level of pollution since past few years and more awareness programs on environment protection, I have scratched firecrackers completely off my list and  have chosen to go green for Diwali activities for preschool. Check effects of air pollution and some remedies here.

Diwali is THE festival of lights and fun for each family member. Every member of family contributes towards decorations. It is about celebrating and spending time with each other. Diwali means sweets and gifts. It brings a smile on the face and the spirit of sharing is on its high. In the midst all this, your little one might be a little left out so it is time to involve your little one in activities that make him or her feel involved.

Diwali Activities for preschool

House Decoration

I always decorate my house just one day before Diwali with fresh flowers, leaves and paper decoration. The smell of fresh Marigold garland and white flowers bring freshness and life to the house. At night we prepare ourselves for a small prayer session. I usually decorate my own small temple with lights and flowers.

While doing all these activities, I love involving my little one. He is now old enough to understand up and down, right and left. It is fun when he feels happy doing important stuff and helping me. I also get an enthusiastic helping hand. I don’t expect him to do things correctly but appreciating him time to time for helping me out motivates him to do more.

While decorating the temple, I always keep away matchbox and candles so that we can enjoy without getting hurt.

Diwali activities for preschool -colossalumbrella
Diwali activities for preschooler
Rangoli – Wonderful Diwali activities for preschool

I usually make a Rangoli with art colors at the entrance of the house along with Footprints of Goddess Lakshmi. This symbolises entrance of goddess in our house along with her blessings.  Give your little one some space and ask him to replicate your design using clay. This not only helps them learn but is also is great way to involve your kids. I am sure your little one will make something even better than you.

Coloring activities

My pre-schooler loves to paint. His painting skills are not too good but I love the way he plays with colors. This Diwali give our little ones lots of colors and ask them to paint their thoughts about Diwali. This would help them learn more about the festival.

Decorating Diyas

I usually buy plain mud diya and decorate them with paint. This time let your little one decorate them with colors. This is one of the best Diwali activities for preschool and they love spending time with colors.

Art and craft

There are many art and craft activities that could keep your pre-schooler busy and could also be used for decoration.

  • Lantern making – Using craft paper make lanterns. Make strings out of lanterns and hang them
  • Diya craft – Cut Diyas made of craft paper and let your child color them. Once done, tie them together with a string and hang them all over the house
  • Craft Paper fire-crackers – This is fun, easy and very engaging.
Making sweets

I try to prepare sweets at home and an easy sweet dish is Halwa. Click here for Halwa Recipe. After halwa is all done, I make small balls and garnish it with cashew. I have made this earlier and asked my little one to make balls from the Halwa. This was great way to spend time and gets them inclined towards cooking as well. When I cook, he takes his chair and sits in the kitchen to observe.

Story telling

My little one loves storytelling and I have already prepared the one, I am going to read for him. Diwali is a great time to bond with your growing child. Reading a story on this festive occasion will cover the basis of festival and is a great way for you to spend time with your child.

Story behind Diwali celebration

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23 thoughts on “Diwali activities for preschool and kids at home – Colossalumbrella

  1. Seems like you have got your Diwali festivities all sorted out! I remember spending Diwali at my uncles, he used to have the best rangoli and diya decoration. We used to then light some sparklers enjoying some amazing Indian delicacies.

  2. wow, these are great ideas for the pre-schoolers. I enjoy the Diwali festivals with the children, we got some diya and coloured it, because we read this, then we did fireworks. Happy Diwali.

  3. I’ve never heard of this holiday but it sounds like so much fun! I Iove the symbolism and artsy and crafts is always the way to go!

  4. All of these sound like such great ways to engage your preschooler. I would think doing the sweets would be the most fun for me, although my daughter would probably prefer the painting.

  5. So wonderful that you involve your little ones in preparation for Diwali! I always loved getting ready for Christmas, Easter and all the holidays with my kids! Now they do the same with their children. My mom did the same with me. I love family traditions!

  6. I think it is wonderful that you involved your little one not only in the celebration of diwali but in the preparation for it. Some of my favorite childhood memories are holiday-related. Especially the times when I got “hands-on” experience – baking cookies, decorating, etc.

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