Amazing personalised presents for dad this Fathers day

Personalised presents for dad

Like mommy, daddy is only one of his own kind a child will get. Make your dad feel extra special this year with some few handmade gifts. Personalised presents for dad this Fathers day would bring a big smile and for a change he might feel special. Dads too have a right to enjoy (coming from a mother! Hahaha).

Most of us are lazy buying gifts for dads since we tend to take them casually, not for lack of  love but taking mothers causally might land one up with a screwed up meal at the very least. So I am with you if you might be searching for any productive eleventh hour miracle ideas but make sure you take a look at the following last minute Father’s Day gift guide. Personalised presents for dad, that special guy.

We have a gift for every daddy and I am sure something among these will be an ideal gift for you as well. Here are many super cute, sweet and fun homemade gift ideas/vacation craft presents. These do-it-yourself gift ideas are ideal for anyone who has some time to spare and would like to put a more personal touch into a gift idea that shows daddy how much you care.

A Gift Basket

Make a lovely gift basket with some goodies of his choice. This is one of the best Personalised presents for dad. I usually make a big basket for my dad with some amazing goodies that could set him up for a week or so. This reduces his work and he can practically enjoy his gift.


A book is great idea. Most people love to read and for them reading a book is a like getting some peace. Buy a book that he could enjoy.

Make breakfast

You could properly cook him something nice, something that he likes. I usually make my dad a good lunch and he enjoys it.

Survival Kit

This may sound funny but it is great. You can probably have a list of things that your dad might need in a week and make a small kit that could come handy. I have a nephew who made a small bag full of over the counter medication, some chips and a small water bottle for his daddy’s car. Now isn’t that sweet

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Beautiful collage

Collect some amazing pictures and put together a collage with some loving words. If you are an artist, you can choose to draw with words. Have it framed to create a really marvelous present!
Personalised presents for dad

Handmade Journal

Create a journal based on his interests. For example, if he loves comics or baseball, cricket or formula one racing you can easily create a cover in Adobe Photoshop and get it printed. You may also print out comics or images of baseball stars, formula one vehicles, drivers etc.

I am small and can’t do much – gifting Ideas for Daddy by Preschooler

They are too small to understand but a gift from a Kindergarten is always special. A daddy feels proud and happy. Few craft ideas for gifts from Preschooler

Newspaper collage – A newspaper collage with a message. I love you! my Daddy is the best
DIY card  – Make a card by pasting pictures and adding a small message
5 things I love about daddy
Paint for your daddy with a message
Play dough – make something out of Play dough with a small message.

Tip – Kindergarten or pre-schoolers would need their mommies to step in and make something nice.

To all Children, Fathers are one of a kind so take care, love cherish and obey them.

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Amazing personalised presents for dad this Fathers day
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64 thoughts on “Amazing personalised presents for dad this Fathers day

  1. DIY card is such a good idea! I love when pre schoolers do that. I have colleagues who keep their cards at their office desk which is very cute

  2. I bet all of these would be greatly appreciated.. But making breakfast is perfect when you haven’t done it for a while.

  3. Oh I love these! These would make some great gifts. And perfect timing because I’ve been scouring the internet for some good personalized gifts!

  4. These are some great ideas for Father’s day! It’s hard to decide and pick what would make them happy and it’s nice to see a post like this that is ready to help you out during these times.

  5. These are great ideas! My dad is actually asking me to buy him a new phone LOL. I think I’ll make a breakfast for him and serve the phone for dessert haha!

  6. Interesting enough, my husband actually asked for a book this year for Father’s Day! It is a great choice for fathers to sit down and relax with a good book every now and then. Great tips!

  7. These are such great ideas. I think a survival kit with all the tools my husband has lost through out the years would be such a great idea. Thanks!

  8. This is timely and very helpful. I haven’t picked up a present yet so, I am working with the list you shared. Now, I am leaning towards getting him a book or a gift basket. Thank you so much for sharing these gift ideas.

  9. I love getting personalized gifts for people! I love the crafting idea for young kids too, Dad’s will pretty much love anything you make for them as long as it’s from the heart

  10. The survival kit sounds great and dad would love that for sure…or maybe a tool kit for tinkering with everything lol.

  11. I like the idea of the survival kit the most! It ‘s just brilliant, how come I never thought of it before ! Very nice gift guide.

  12. I am a huge supporter in giving experiences or memories as gifts versus physical items. Making breakfast is such a great idea. This year my kids and I have decided to make up a picnic basket and go fishing!

  13. enjoyed my read & love this DIY gift idea esp as gifting. love personalised gifting shared. Thanks for sharing this! cheers

  14. Great gift ideas – I always try and get personalised presents! Although I generally donate to charity on Father’s Day now as my Dad is not bothered about gifts…

  15. very nice options! I think my father would love survival kit – it sounds fun and pretty! great list!

  16. I like the newspaper collage idea. Something I would definitely try it out even for his birthday.

  17. Most dads love buying expensive stuffs for themselves. Definitely a DIY gifts are much better since we give love and time making it.

  18. My boys who are currently 4 and 6 make a handmade card for each holiday for us. I have my sister making a “daddy’s making bacon” shirt for my husband since they love when he cooks bacon. He will get those and we will make a favorite dinner of his this year.

  19. i can remember i got my dad blue tie on father got him inspiration book .. he was so excited about.. it was just like a suprise

  20. I love these gift ideas. My favorite is the Dad survival kit. My husband likes chocolate covered pretzels. One year, my daughters made them as part of a gift basket. He loved it because it showed they noticed what he liked and cared to include what he likes in the gift. Very special!

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