Tingaland – unwind adventure and fun

Tingaland - Review by colossalumbrella

I was invited by Tingaland last weekend along with my son to experience a one stop shop for children to PLAY, LEARN and PARTY. Tingaland is a place to have a complete blast where kids learn through fun with a host of creative activities to not just enjoy but also aid in their intellectual and social development.

With increasing number of nuclear families and working parents, children get addicted to all sorts of gadgets these days.  Play time has reduced to simply walking to a nearby store and picking up shopping. It is quite rare to find a genuinely good and hygienic place for kids to play safely and unwind.

Weekend fun

I am a blogger and often need time to think about work without being interrupted. Since my child is not used to smartphones at all (that was extremely tough to implement but we managed), I hardly get time to work when my son comes home from school. I need space and time to formulate my thoughts but engaging my child in different activities takes a lot of time. Therefore I am always on a lookout for non-addictive alternatives which can keep my son engaged and he can enjoy himself with minimal supervision on my part.

To my delight, found one over the weekend when I entered TINGALAND. In this age, where we have to restrict our children, TINGALAND provides one “sanctum sanctorum” where a child can learn and play to his/her hearts content.

#Tingaland – adventure and fun

Upon entering,  it looked to me like a better version of any normal play zone scattered around various malls in the city but to my pleasant surprise it is so much more than that! At first sight, it seems to be quite colorful and trendy. Interiors looked quite cheerful and bubbly.

I was greeted by the owner, Vandana, who is a truly extraordinary women entrepreneur. Among her notable achievements are being the editor for India’s number one Hindi Published Magazine for the past few years. Vandana, who seems to be a consummate host, introduced me to the place and then my son took over, not that he needed help figuring out the place.

Tingaland review by colossalumbrella

Tingaland play zone

My son spent a little more than an hour and he absolutely loved the place. There was so much within the play zone that kept him busy and engaged. For him, it was great to disconnect from his everyday world and enter into his own fun world where he could go and play to his heart content and utilize energy in physical activities which is so much better than TV and smartphones. Being a cleanliness freak, I stepped in the play area to see if it was clean/hygienic and I found absolutely nothing to complain. (Don’t forget to carry a pair of socks though)

Tingaland for toddler

Tingaland has a toddler zone where we have younger children around 2 to 3 also enjoying their activities. These activities enhance growth and also allow them to be innovative. If you have a child whose interest is in art and craft, this is a definite place to be as Tingaland has a lovely art and craft room. Children along with staff sketch, draw and colour based on their skills.

Parent zone

There were many good highlights like the ones written above but the best part about the place was a separate section for parents to sit and relax (or work) and easily keep an eye on children since everything is open and clear. I saw around 8 baby sitters who were available in a jiffy to help and support kids within the play zone.

I was sitting and working with my son engaged in his activities (not looking for me) without being bored at all. If you are planning to step out with your spouse, Tingaland is place to be. Just let you child be in the playzone at Tingaland while you can enjoy some together time at Swagath, which is located right above the Tingaland. Location is just perfect for parents who are looking to have some together time. I found Tingaland  to be quite safe which is great to experience in DelhiNCR.


Equipped with a plethora of games and activities to keep kid engaged and entertained, Tingaland also spaces Tinga Cafe for birthday and party celebrations. I loved the café since it is a perfect place for birthday celebrations. You could let children play in the play area while adults could enjoy at Tinga café. It has an amphitheatre as well. A special place is allocated for cake cutting which is great while organizing a birthday party. The café has wide variety available and one can opt between ala-carte and buffet. I believe the café can easily handle around 55-70 people including children.

Tingaland review by colossalumbrella

Tinga wall climbing

One of the main attractions i found to be great for children was the wall climbing activity which allows them to explore strength and skills.

Tinga Night Camps

Tingaland is coming up with a night camps concept that would include pyjama party and story time session and camping games. Visit their Tingaland Magic on Facebook for more details.

Children have a full time occupation. Its called PLAY!

Read more how Storytelling sessions help enhance creativity here

We always want best for our children and I am always on lookout for activities which could enhance physical and social development. It is always important for children to learn to play with others and understand collaboration. I have been to other playzone in Delhi NCR but there is genuinely no match to Tingaland. This would be my goto place since I will get some space and time to work in peace while my son will have grand old time playing and learning new things at the same time.

Do share your views about Tingaland if you have visited or plan your trip soon.

I was not financially compensated for this post. I received an invitation to experience the place for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Tingaland – unwind adventure and fun
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26 thoughts on “Tingaland – unwind adventure and fun

  1. It’s fantastic when you can find a place for your child to play and learn while you can work knowing that they’re okay, and still in the same room as you!

  2. Oh I wish we had one of these near us! I love indoor playgrounds but especially the ones that allow our kids to get hands on with activities and exhibits, etc. We have a science center about an hour from us and my kids absolutely LOVED going there. We like to cycle between extreme physical activity (trampoline parks) and science centers where they can touch and learn all at once 🙂

  3. This looks like so much fun for your little ones! If you are ever in St. Louis you should visit the City Museum! Its tins of fun for your little ones.

  4. oh wow this looks like such a blast for kids. I know my kiddos would have so much fun there. wish we had something like that closer to us.

  5. This sounds awesome! I love places that have open sightlines. I lost sight of my youngest when he was barely 2 at a very crowded playplace and I panicked. The idea of the parent zone is perfect!

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