Healthy stomach – 1 Simple and yet so complex tip

Healthy stomach

Is there a natural remedy for healthy stomach! and could you possibly trick your system into believing that there is light at the end of a rather clogged tunnel? The answer is a resounding yes!

Most of us face issues with our stomach and we try different things to keep it clean and try to achieve healthy stomach. We choose restrain when it comes to eating junk (Consuming excess of anything is bad so it can also be classified junk, a little bit does less harm). Some of us spend thousands to find the best solution but end up finding none.

I have always believed that one should experience all kind of food and fun activities so I encourage travelling as well. The exertion also works wonders for the digestive system.

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healthy stomach

Water is the best solution for almost all of our stomach issues. Water has magically properties and secrets that could prevent us from falling ill.

Having plain lukewarm water, first thing in the morning, is one of the most important things. While we are sleeping our body is still at work and it needs fuel so half a litre of water acts as fuel for your system.

Another best thing about water is that it can help you reduce weight. Drinking a glass of water before meals could help you fill your stomach thereby reducing your calorie intake.

This doesn’t mean if you are suffering from dysentery or you have major stomach issues than you should definitely visit a doctor. Water will help you there as well by pushing medication to work faster.

Drinking water is not easy and making it a habit will take time, below are few water recipes that could make water fun to drink.

  • Lemon Water – known to all lemon water could be more fun if added more ice and honey.
  • Jaljeera – Jaljeera is available in the market and you could easily add it to water and enjoy your drink.
  • Flavoured water – Boil some water with Cinnamom (dal chini) and Anise (Saunf). Allow it to cool and enjoy it whole day. This clear your stomach.
  • Panch Poran (The Five spices) – Panch poran consist of five seeds – Cumin, Brown Mustard, Fenugreek, Nigella and Fennel. Boil it with water at night and it could do wonders for you. It allows your body to perform increased metabolism while you are having a sound sleep and you definitely can hope for clear stomach in morning.
  • Isabgol – Won’t say it is much fun but Isabgol with water can cure constipation and so I always recommend it while you travel.

So for healthy stomach remember to drink atleast 4-5 litres of water daily. Substitute tea/ coffee with water and enjoy a healthy life. Checkout our remedy for stress-free life 

Healthy stomach – 1 Simple and yet so complex tip
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13 thoughts on “Healthy stomach – 1 Simple and yet so complex tip

  1. I usually drink slightly warm water with lemon, is really detoxing and has so many health benefits. I also love organic tea, chamomile can be very calming and mint helps with digestion.

  2. I tried lemon water before but I ended up with too much stomach acid. I do not have any issues drinking plain water so I will just go that route. I want to try the Panch Poran sometime.

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