5 simple things in your kitchen that lead to hormonal imbalances

5 things in your kitchen that lead to hormonal imbalances

Almost every day we come across discussions around hormonal imbalances that lead to lifestyle diseases like PCOD, Thyroid, Liver issues and even Cancer despite the fact that we aim to eat healthy and generally lead a healthy lifestyle. Despite tons of mobile applications and grocery stores that encourage people to adopt healthy habits, lifestyle diseases are on the increase. Mostly, we are clueless as to how.

Food is medicine, pick up your prescription in the kitchen.

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You will be surprised to know that the issue, shockingly, lies in our own kitchen!

Recently, one of my friends shared a video released by an Oncologist working at All India Institute of Medical Sciences located in Delhi, India. The video clearly explains 5 things that we should get rid of from our kitchen immediately that cause hormonal imbalances in our body.

Remove these 5 things from your kitchen right away

Non Stick cookware

Most of us use non-stick cookware for making anything from dosas to eggs. In a recent study completed by few college students, it was identified around 90% of urban population uses Non-stick Cookware. The cookware contains coating that is referred to as Teflon coating (Polytetrafluoroethylene – PTFE). This coating is extremely harmful for our body. When you use cookware coated with this substance, your food intake will inherit all heavy metals like Cadmium and Mercury which are quite harmful for your body. They actually work as slow poison thus leading to hormonal imbalances which may lead to even something as life threatening as cancer and other diseases.

Solution – switch from non-stick to cast iron based cooking vessels. Cast iron is cheaper and while cooking quality might suffer, overall effects on health will be very positive.
Aluminium Utensils

Aluminium is available in abundance and is very cost effective. It is quite convenient to maintain as well. So you would see that many households have aluminium based utensils. One might think these are better than non-stick cookware. But little do you know that aluminium utensils are equally bad for our health.  Aluminium gets accumulated in our body and also starts acting as slow poison affecting our kidney and lungs.

When you cook is aluminium utensils, you will notice that aluminium vessels start shedding weight in few years and appear visibly light. Every time you cook in Aluminium utensils, it releases a small quantity of aluminum in the food which is consumed by us. In long run this accumulates and will have harmful effects on our body.

Solution – Immediately Switch from Aluminum to stainless steel.
Aluminium Foil

We all use aluminium foil in our kitchen and it is most extensively used daily to pack our food. Most of us are unaware of the fact that this could be very dangerous for our health.

According to WHO (World health Organization), 50 mg of aluminium is a permissible limit for the average human body. Whenever you consume food that is in contact with Aluminium foil, 1-2 mg of Aluminium enters your body. Imagine this accumulating daily/weekly and monthly in your body.

An excessive amount of Aluminium doesn’t allow Zinc to be absorbed thus leading to the Zinc deficiency that is harmful for brain and bone density.

Solution – Switch from Aluminium foil to cotton cloth or butter paper
Plastic box and plastic bottles

We all have plastic boxes and bottles in our kitchen and this is no surprise for most that these are harmful for us. Plastic bottles and boxes are made of toxic material called BPA (Bisphenol A). This very moment you would think that when you bought your plastic bottle, the label clearly mentioned that it is BPA free, which means it is totally safe for usage. Manufactures hide the very fact that they add Bisphenol S which is equally harmful than BPA.  So your plastic bottle is BPA free but has BPS.

Consumption of this toxic material effects are immunity, hormones and could make us obese as well. Consumption of BPA/BPS in our body directly impacts are insulin sensitivity that leads to increase in blood sugar level and contributes to overall increase fat cells.  This could not only lead to obesity but also heart problem and diabetes.

Solution – switch to glass or stainless steel
Refined oil

Even before you complete reading this, I would urge you to get up right away and get rid of all the refined oil from your kitchen.

When oil is refined, it goes through a tedious process of which includes refining it using harmful acid. The refining process is quite stinky so deodorizers like Hexanol are used during the process. So you can imagine how much chemical you’ve been consuming. All this leads to hormonal imbalances which leads to cancer, heart issues and mostly both.

Solution – Switch from refined oil to pure mustard oil. Yes you might not find pure mustard oil but whatever you find would help you reduce cholesterol. Mustard oil has anti-oxidants that keep your body healthy.

I am sure you must be thinking to create a checklist and make a switch as early as possible. Please remember to share this info with your friends and loved ones as soon as possible. 

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5 things in your kitchen that lead to hormonal imbalances
5 simple things in your kitchen that lead to hormonal imbalances
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53 thoughts on “5 simple things in your kitchen that lead to hormonal imbalances

  1. I’m cutting back on plastic, and definitely don’t heat it up. But I still have a long way to go. This is a really helpful collection of ideas that will help with hormonal imbalance.

  2. Aluminum is some pretty nasty stuff from what I have been seeing lately. It has been out of my house for awhile now.

  3. When we learnt that plastics utensils were actually not good for our health, we quit them and now we are using glass utensils and stainless steel cooking pots. Now we should forget the refined oil.

  4. Wow I am shocked reading this…I did not know that simple kitchen things could impact on your health. I will be looking at all my kitchen items xx

  5. Omg, I had no idea about all this! Especially the part with a foil – I constantly use it. Thank you for sharing such great information!

  6. Oh no! I am totally guilty especially with the use of non-stick cookware. This is the main reason why we’re planning to switch to glass cookware but unfortunately, it is too expensive that we’re still saving for it.

  7. This is good information to know. Sometimes thing that we perceive as “harmless” are actually slowly poisoning us. I will have to be careful the next time I pick up bottled water at the store.

  8. It’s interesting to hear that these things affect hormone levels in the body. I’ve been looking to buy large glass water bottles from the supermarkets but they don’t really stock them which is a nuisance.

  9. Very educational, informative and helpful at the same time. When i wake up this morning, first thing I’ll do is go to ourkitchen and checkand eliminate the things listed here. Prevention is alwaysbetter than cure. Thanks for sharing

  10. This is very informative and scary as well as we’ve been using most of it at home. I’ve bookmarked and make sure I’ll check every pieces of those things in our kitchen and will surely dispose it. Super thanks for sharing.

  11. These are some great and helpful tips. I am surely gonna follow them. I am sure this post is gonna help many Like me.

  12. I use Aluminium foil like everyday and pack my son’s food. Wasn’t aware of its harmful effects. Thanks for the share.

  13. It surprised me that non-stick cookware is included in the list and I have several of them in my kitchen! 🙁 I think I will need to shift to ceramic cookware now that I know Teflon coating is harmful.

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