Cinnamon Allergy – Are you allergic to Cinnamon?

Cinnamon Allergy

Cinnamon is a great spice known for its aroma and health benefits but few people have Cinnamon allergy. Cinnamon is quite common herb and is harvested from the bark of the trees native to Asia. It helps dry dampness in the body and warms people that are suffering from cold and poor circulation. It is also a great antiseptic and a great digestive tonic. With all these benefits, it is hard to believe that a super food like Cinnamon could also have adverse effects on health but this is true. Yes, Cinnamon allergy is more common than you think.

Cinnamon allergy is hard to detect and some people could be hyper sensitive to this herb.

Uses of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is harvested from the Cinnamomum tree bark and its flavor comes from Cinnamal oil. It is available in two forms, Cassia and Ceylon. Ceylon is considered purer than Cassia and is native to Sri Lanka and India. Cassia is more accessible, originates in China, and is most likely the one you are buying in the grocery store.

Cinnamon is known to have medicinal properties and is also an antioxidant substance. You may find this spice used in various household in food, in medicines,and in syrups to enhance flavour. It is heavily used in baking. You may have heard of Cinnamon rolls. While most of us start drooling for some these could be harmful due to Cinnamon Allergy. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate spices, which makes it hard to read labels and know which products contain cinnamon.

How to detect Cinnamon allergy?

It diagnose cinnamon allergy, you will need to visit an allergist that can perform a skin test and you can easily get the results within 30 minutes. During a skin test, allergist pricks your skin, and Cinnamon allergen is applied on it. If you have Cinnamon Allergy, your skin will become red or in some cases you will get a bump. In few cases, you might even have other symptoms which could hit hard and you may need to be kept under observation.

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Symptoms of Cinnamon allergy

Symptoms of Cinnamon allergy would vary from body to body. Most common symptoms are

  • Rash (looks like mosquito bites and is also itchy)
  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath and/or coughing
  • Swelling of lips, face, and tongue
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Fainting
  • Uterine cramping

These may occur within 30 minutes or an hour. Most people have a very mild form of Cinnamon allergy but for few this could be life threatening. It is important to detect any allergy.

How to Manage Cinnamon Allergy?

As mentioned that the US government doesn’t regulate on labelling fragrances and spices so it can be difficult to completely avoid consuming cinnamon. If you are allergic, it is always good to read labels before buying anything. Usually a five-spice blend will always contains Cinnamon.

If you are dining out, informing them beforehand is always advisable. Remember not to consumer anything that has cinnamon. If you still consume Cinnamon and are having trouble, please take a tablet of antihistamine medication. (This might not work for everyone but generally does)

Stay cautious and if you are aware of Cinnamon allergy, work with your doctor to create a personal plan in case there is accidental consumption. It just might save your life.

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 Cinnamon Allergy

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Cinnamon Allergy – Are you allergic to Cinnamon?
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24 thoughts on “Cinnamon Allergy – Are you allergic to Cinnamon?

  1. Well, it is unfortunate, but I am indeed allergic to cinnamon. For instance, I think it is quite dangerous for cereal companies to not list cinnamon in the ingredients when it has cinnamon in it. I recently found out in the worst way. Hours later, I am still nauseated. Not to mention, my entire body is still burning.

  2. I have had some pretty crazy food allergies. Thankfully none of mine have been too extremes. So I don’t have to deal with some of the crazy of a peanut allergy. I imagine being allergic to a spice like cinnamon would be even more difficult as it can find its way into so many different foods.

  3. I also never thought that one could be allergic to cinammon- I love it and I’m always including it in my pastries and drinks too. I’m glad I haven’t experienced allergies with it.

  4. so my friend works at a starbucks and had a girl come up to her and ask if a cookie had cinnamon in it after ordering it. Sure enough it did and the poor girl was having a reaction. Until then I didn’t know you could be allergic to it. Food allergies are a very interesting and scary thing!

  5. What a good read about cinnamon allergy. Thank God I’m not allergic to this since I put cinnamon to any coffee drink or desserts.

  6. Thanks for listing the symptoms of cinnamon allergy. Although I am positive there is no one in my family that has shown signs of sensitivity to cinnamon, this is still good information to have on hand.

  7. I didn’t know someone will be allergic to cinnamons. I only know cinnamons in cinnamon buns that its smell is gorgeous and attracts my taste buds. this is really informative, now I know.

  8. I had no idea cinnamon could be an allergen. But I guess almost anything can. We use cinnamon in a lot of our baking, and none of my family have had any reactions. My youngest did allergy testing a year ago, but it was for environmental allergies based on his symptoms (which he had no allergies) rather than food allergies.

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