Fostering independence in preschoolers in 5 genius ways

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Being a parent is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful feelings one can go through but at the same time, it is one of the most challenging roles to play for everyone. Parents are often in constant worry as to how their children are going to turn out when they grow up. Most of us work hard towards making your child a confident individual. Thus, it should be our primary focus to work on ways that help fostering independence in preschoolers and make prepare him to manage tough situations that they might encounter in coming years.

There is a constant need to teach our children and make them aware of surrounding since every second competition and frustration is on rise. Right from the beginning, your child enters his preschool, he is pushed to face the world. Most children like mine are dependent on their parents for smallest things possible.

Why fostering independence in preschoolers is important?

Inculcating the feeling of independence during growth years, especially during the preschool age, is necessary. This is mainly due to the reason that an independent child is organized in his work which has a direct impact on how confident the child is among children his age. The quality of independence makes them adept at problem-solving on their own and at the same time a planner as well.

Building independence in pre-schoolers is an important part of an individual’s social skills as well as self-reliance. That way, children grow up to be self-sufficient and can deal with any situation on their own as well as undertake any work on their own. They eventually become least vulnerable to external hazards of normal life.

By becoming independent, children gain a sense of belonging and worthiness. The kids grow up with a feeling that they are able to contribute to society and the world around them.   

But, the real question coming up is how to start fostering independence in preschoolers? How to pave the way for your kids so that they grow up to become self-reliant? The following tips can prove to be helpful. 

5 ways that help fostering independence in preschoolers

Let them be at the forefront while choosing stuff

According to a study, if a child is taught to be independent in early days of his/her life then they inculcate a feeling to achieve success on their own in different phases of life. It is due to this reason it is recommended that while buying clothes, decorative items for your child’s room, your child’s snacks, allow them to pick and choose. This is most important while you are shopping for their clothes.

The act of choosing between a number of options available gives them a feeling that their ideas matter and that they can have things according to their choice and stand by them as well.

The greatest gifts you can give your children are roots of responsibility and wings of independence – Dennis Waitley

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Transferring a required amount of control to your child is needed so that they develop a skill of decision making and independence. Now, one of the main tips to remember as a parent is that you got to be patient while your child is making efforts to decide. It will not come as easily at first but in time, your children will surprise you with their wisdom.

The surrounding environment must foster independence

This is one of the most important things which could add value in fostering independence in preschoolers. Try to make your home an independence-friendly space. This can be easily done by putting a few stools for your child to choose from. You can also have children-friendly activities which are present within their reach, always for them to choose when to spend time on them.

Make sure to have drawers that are filled with craft and art materials, so that your child can be involved in some creative work, by choosing materials of his/her own choice. 

It is very crucial to have a routine

You must be wondering how having a set routine is connected to fostering independence in preschoolers. Well, these two are surely connected. Things like morning schedule, weekend, mealtime or bedtime routines provide children with direction and a sense of purpose.

According to experts, young children love to know how things are going to happen, and this helps them in a way, to feel like they have a little control. This sense of control forms the basis of fostering a feeling of independence in kids. Thus, make sure to stick to a routine so that he/she gets habitual of it. 

Allow your child to help

As parents, one often refuses to take help from kids, thinking they are too young. Thus, people politely decline the offer of help from their children. Although they cannot assist you in a massive way, just let them help you in whatever small way they can. Do not refuse any assistance they offer to you as this will surely multiply as they grow and if they don’t know how, they probably won’t.

Fostering independence in preschoolers

This can range from your child getting ready by himself or herself, or let them have little bites of eatables on their own or putting their games or their stuff at the concerned place, etc. Taking even small help from your kids helps to build a sense of independence in them. If you say no to their help and every time do their work, then you can they will take things for granted and will grow up to be dependent on you.

Thus, let them help in the smallest possible way! 

Let them handle their conflicts

There is a complete possibility that your child may have a little fight or conflict with his/her friends at pre-school or in the evening while playing out in the garden. Well, parents have this nature to immediately jump in between so as to solve the conflict with polite words.

Don’t get involved in the conflict until the situation goes completely out of control and the kids are not fighting physically and hurting each other. So, avoid getting in between and try to solve the conflict with polite words until it is a major deal. Simply let them deal with it. We can surely intervene, but they must learn how to handle disagreements and come out on top. 

Lastly, don’t always rush to solve their minor issues because it chisels down their ability to build their problem-solving skills. Don’t be over-protective and let them attend summer camps or a little camping trip with other kids.

Independent children are admirable and every parent envies an independent child. Your child can also be one and hopefully the tips mentioned above can help. As parents, your prime aim should be to build their self-esteem and inculcate feelings of self-reliance which will ultimately make them well-adjusted adults. 

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Fostering independence in preschoolers in 5 genius ways
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33 thoughts on “Fostering independence in preschoolers in 5 genius ways

  1. I am so bad in letting them choose their own stuff because that’s when they decide to have a tantrum or fight for something. I need to stop doing that.

  2. Children are going to benefit a lot from this. Learning and independence really should start at a young age. These are all pretty relative.

  3. I like the idea of letting them handle their conflict. It’s huge development skills for every child.

  4. It’s a good thing to allow kids to be independent( to a certain degree) at a young age– of course with supervision. It builds their self-esteem and gives them a sense of responsibility.

  5. I have few friends with little kids, I’ll send them this article. Some of them already know the importance of fostering independence, but there’s no harm in repeating.

  6. When my kids were young I let them make choices but those choices were approved by me. I let them choose their clothes for the day from outfits I picked for them.

  7. I totally agree. Fostering independence should start early. It helps that they feel trusted to do things as this builds their confidence and they would start believing in themselves. Thanks for the valuable tips.

  8. I love these suggestions. I think sometimes it can become too easy to just do things for little ones and tell them what they needs to be done instead of giving them the space to explore and make their own choices.

  9. This is VERY helpful. My nephew is and I want to make sure he’s an independent little dude. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us!

  10. Letting preschoolers make their own choices also allows them to feel valued for their thoughts and opinions. Feeling valued will help them to make decisions with confidence. And making sure that you are seeing and hearing them as they make their decisions allows them to feel safe coming to you in the midst of whatever they are going through, while also giving them the ability to work through the situation.

  11. Great post! Allowing kids to be independent and handle their own conflict is very important. I personally don’t feel like it was something I got much control over which has left me entirely unable to deal with difficult situations.

  12. That sense of independence and confidence is so important to build up in order to live a happier life as an adult. Great tips to enable kids to develop those senses!

  13. This is what I did when my children were young. I let them figure things out on their own. When they needed help and ask, that is the only time I will do that while explaining/teaching them how to resolve the issue. It worked well. Now they are grown and I am reaping the benefits of my kids learning to be independent at a young age.

  14. Independance is so important with younger kids. Allowing your little ones to be independent will give you the ability to do things because they are able to entertain themself and you are able to get other things done! My morning routine has become so much easier since my 4 year old has started dressing himself

  15. It is certainly good to give independence to the children, but in my opinion, every age has a step. One should not exaggerate in letting go of them as much as in holding them back.

  16. You are so right, I could not agree with this anymore. Independence is key for pre-schoolers gives confidence and yes helps them handle conflict x

  17. I agree that teaching children to be independent increases their chances of success later in life. It teaches them that they are valued for their opinions and can work out their own problems.

  18. Letting kids handle their own conflict is huge for their future growth and learning how to deal.

  19. Those are really great tips that parent should learn. Alas, in some cultures, children are made to listen and not talk back or have choices and of course, this carries on into teen and adulthood.

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