10 Simple home remedies for migraine

Home remedies for migraine

The throbbing and pulsating pain in the head can annoy you while trying to work or concentrate on something. This aching can get severe if not paid attention carefully. These are called migraines, and there are a lot of causes due to which the rigorous occurs. I have had my own share of misery when it comes to migraines and these easy home remedies for migraines have come to my rescue.

But have you ever wondered what is causing this excruciating pain and the ways to prevent them from happening? No, we haven’t. Because people are so focused on treating the unbearable pain. It seems fair, but you have to find out what is triggering them and what to do to prevent them. It is because every problem has a solution only if we will see it. Here are the causes, symptoms, and few common triggers of migraines with easy home remedies for migraines. These details might help you find the root cause of the pain and take measures.

What is a Migraine?

A migraine is a neurological condition, which causes throbbing pain in the head. This pain commonly occurs on one side of the head, but the pain caused by migraines can be unbearable. People with migraines can be difficult to deal with. You might have also seen them popping an enormous amount of pills to treat the migraine. You would have experienced it too. The amount of pain it causes and the stress to make it go away can be very hard. Many resources claim you can try home remedies for migraines, but it is not entirely true. Try to see what works for your migraines and not.

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Common Causes of Migraines     


Stress and migraine are connected. Stress can be good or bad, but the adrenaline rush is real. Any form of excitement, shock, or anger can effectively trigger migraines, we express certain feelings, and some are better to keep in. Such feelings which have a canopy can cause stress, which starts the migraine attack.


The second most common trigger of migraines is sleep schedules. Too much sleep and too little sleep, both factors can trigger a migraine because we become tired by trying to fall asleep in the night. That tiredness gets reflected in our body as migraines, this doesn’t mean that everyone whose sleep cycle is disturbed will get migraines, but this is only a common potential migraine trigger.


Coffee is the most common beverage around the world. Some people cannot function without their daily dose of caffeine. Consumption of caffeine more than the required amounts can trigger the onset of migraines.  

Hormonal changes in women 

The unbearable pain of migraines is most common in women because of these hormonal changes. It explains why women more than men experience migraines. These hormonal changes are a lot harder than it sounds. Dealing with it is a hard thing, most women find it hard to deal with migraines when they reach the stage of menopause.


Food caused migraine are not that common, it only occurs to a minimum number of people. It also happens when people misinterpret that some food items are causing migraines, so when they consume, their body triggers a migraine. Craving for food items denotes the onset of a migraine. Food cravings otherwise are normal.                      

The rush for deadlines, loads of work, irregular food habits, all of this adds up to stress, and migraines occur. Sometimes, people have claimed that their migraines are starting when they reach home from work. There are also weekend migraines. It occurs when the person is most relaxed. Because during the weekend, a person changes their routine, this change of behavior is also a potential trigger of migraines.

Symptoms Of Migraines

Migraines have different stages, where people experience the symptoms from childhood to their adult stages. People with regular migraine attacks mostly know the triggers and subsequent symptoms. The symptoms of migraines have four types, and it is not true that everyone who has migraines will experience all four stages and it includes:

  • Prodrome–Before the onset of a migraine attack, your body might experience some symptoms like stiffness, constipation, constant yawning, mood changes, and thirst.
  • Aura-A person can hear noises, have vision loss, difficulty in speaking, and might have needle sensation in parts of the leg. These and other symptoms occur during migraines or before.
  • Attack–A migraine attack, which can prolong more hours, causes symptoms like
    Pulsating pain
    Throbbing sensation
    Severe pain on both sides of the head
  • Post-drone-This is the aftermath of a migraine attack. People feel euphoric or dried up. It varies from person to person, and the pain can come back shortly because of some reasons. The pain can be severe to mild, but the pain can get rigorous if left untreated.
home remedy for headache

Migraine home remedies

  • Ice for the rescue. Take an ice bath and keep it in pain for about 5 to 10 minutes. If the migraine is mild, then it should go away after this remedy. If not, try out other things.
  • Try and avoid having beverages like tea, coffee, and soda over 4 cups a day.
  • Blue light from the screens can trigger migraines. Take regular breaks while working, flex your muscles now and then, use an anti-glare screen for protection.
  • OTC medications like ibuprofen, naproxen work well in relieving migraines. You can also get pain killers along with these pills to cure migraines.
  • Consume foods that are rich in magnesium and vitamin B2. Stay away from your migraine triggers if you know what it is.
  • Sitting in a quiet room away from all the noise and chaos will work. It works in calming you down, and the migraines will reduce gradually.
  • Exercising works sometimes, but do not get yourself into hardcore cardio which can increase the pain more.
  • Avoid eating food that has food colorants, additives, and high-level chemical content. Food items that contain a chemical called Tyramine are also potential triggers.
  • Home remedies for migraines are just handy things that a person with migraines can try. It is not the entire solution to the condition. These home remedies work well in reducing the pain or the symptoms of migraines. It can cure mild migraines too. But if you feel the pain is intensifying then consulting a doctor is the ideal solution.

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The mentioned details are only the easiest home remedies for migraines. If you feel like the pain is not going away, then it is advised to consult a doctor and get professional help. There is only so much that home remedies can do for migraines. If your condition is severe, then visit a doctor immediately. Watch out for migraine triggers and try out the handy home remedies. Staying away from the triggers and taking care of your health is a healthy step towards stopping the onset of migraines.

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10 Simple home remedies for migraine
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  1. These are some really helpful tips you shared. I gotta to share this with my friend who has bad migraine from years

  2. My mom hot migraine, and everytime she gets an attack, I see how difficult and inconvenient it is to her… she couldn’t function at all, she could just lie down until it goes away. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Staying away from what triggers your migraine is really important. Also, eating fresh tomatoes, raw onions and a hot water massage around the head and neck is so relaxing.

  4. There is nothing worse than when a migraine can start out of no where so this is actually a really useful post, thank you so much x

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